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On Jan 9, 2007 World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), the late Steve Jobs unveiled the first generation iPhone – The first of its kind that was showcased to the world.

An invention that was handcraft to perfection, the iPhone is truly a “revolutionary” mobile device that allows you to do a whole lot more.

The invention of the iPhone led to the opening of the App Store on July 10, 2008. The App Store allow users to extend the functionality of their iPhone. This brought a huge transformation in people’s lives. It changes the way people interact and use their phones.

Apps allow people to be more productive with their phones. Through these apps, people can take a picture and have it uploaded instantly on social media, obtain directions through GPS and even free messaging services.

The the invention of the iPhone and the App Store opened up the pathway for us to make the Nottingham Shuttle App.

The Nottingham Shuttle App

Take the app with you wherever you go whether at the local coffee shop or at your favourite hang out spot in town.

App Features

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Journey Planner

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Arrival Times


Bus Tracker

App Design Process





From an Idea to an App

Defining the app concept, user interface and interaction are the underlying foundation to a great app. Just like directors spend hours on a storyboard before filming a movie, app developers spend most of their time in the design process before coding. Find out more details about each stage of the process.

Great Apps that Inspired Us




Lend An Eye

Our Story

How it all began

Behind every idea is a great thought. Ideas come from asking ourselves right questions – Questions like “How can I make a service that already exists, better?”, “How can I know where the bus is?”, “What time will it arrive?”.

We decided to combine all this questions in mind into one simple app. It allows people to interact with the service directly using their smartphones. This service already exists before this app was made. But now we bring a whole new experience to users when using this app – An experience that gives a greater confidence to passengers. It gives a personal touch to users while travelling to and from campus.

Inspired by many great mobile apps that have truly change our lifestyle in today’s modern living, the developers envisioned to do the same. We wanted to make an impact on the community at the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus. Have a look at our inspirations to see what inspired us.